What agile teams can learn from Jazz

Am 12.6. widmen sich Dorin Lupo und Kilian Kemmer der Frage “What agile teams can learn from Jazz?”.

The ability to collaborate efficiently and to be innovative in today’s VUCA world, has become more important and more challenging than ever. This requires a major shift in our mindset: we need a growth mindset embracing challenges, accepting continuous adaptations and understanding leadership as a shared task of the many.

Jazz bands show how collaboration works in a flexible context where planning is hardly possible. With the tradition of jam sessions Jazz players developed inspiring ideas how to deal with self-organization, innovation, failures and leadership. Modern organizations, especially agile teams, can build on these learnings to review their underlying mindsets. Based on references to classic Jazz recordings and a short introduction to Jazz theory the referents show what agile teams can learn from jazz and how teams can apply these learnings to improve processes, support innovation and foster continuous learning to deliver outstanding results.

About the referents:
Kilian holds a PhD in Philosophy, works as Change Manager at Telefonica and is a passionate piano player (signed on the renowned Jazz label GLM www.kiliankemmer.com)

Dorin is Scrum Master and Agile Coach, works at Telefonica in the Software Development and blogs about change and self-management (www.positivechangeconsulting.com)


Weitere Informationen und die Möglichkeit zur Anmeldung findet Ihr in der Xing Gruppe.


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